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Deep cleaning process

Carpet Care, Deep cleaning process 

Carpets are one of the most important parts in your home and office. Therefore, you need to look after them as they are an investment. Regular professional cleaning not only helps to prolong the overall life of your carpet, but provides a fresh, clean and healthy environment for family members especially infants, friends and office staff.

Extreme Total Cleaning Services provide professional carpet cleaning services in Mabank Texas and 40-mile radius of Mabank Tx. We use the best cleaning method to clean your carpets. With years of experience, we understand the best techniques and products to utilize in order to acquire the best results with 100% customer satisfaction.

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We use five step cleaning process to deep clean the carpets.

Steps of carpet cleaning
  • Firstly, we use CRB machine to remove deep down hair and dirt that vacuum can't get.

  • Then we vacuum all carpets to pick up what machine brought to top of carpet.

  • We then pre-treat carpet with pre-spray and let it dwell to break up stains and oils in carpet.

  • Then after we agitate carpet to help break up any stubborn stains and work solution into carpet.

  • Finally, we extract pre-spray from carpet and use special rinse agent to bring ph back down and making carpet soft.

Our professional cleaning process is very accurate and can clean deep down

After our cleaning the carpets seems as if new and the life of the carpets is simultaneously increased. We provide carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial areas.

We are IICRC Certified. Our professional experts are trained in all aspects of cleaning. They are continuously monitored to provide best services. Our team of expert cleaners and technicians deliver 5-star customer satisfaction every time, with spectacular performance and high-level customer service.

carpet cleaning services Mabank

We offer deodorizer to get rid of the bad odors. We apply deodorizer into our rinse cycle to spread out deodorizer and remove the deep set in odors. Likewise, we use best brand by MonsterChems to apply watermelon-mango smell and make the environment of the house fragrance fresh. This product is deodorizer counteract and not just deodorizer but keeps odors away.

After carpet cleaning, we also offer carpet protector. We use the brand known as Monster Rinse and Protect. We apply this product through our rinse cycle so we are not going back to wet carpets again. As we extract the pre-spray and dirt we apply the protector to help not wetting the carpets.

Prior the cleaning, our cleaners will visit your property after that we make plans and discuss on every aspect with our specialized and trained cleaners. From the beginning till the end you will experience our high-quality services.

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