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Upholstered furniture is a major part of the décor in both our homes and work places. They are doing a great job by giving a place to relax comfortably. Over time couches, arm chairs, ottomans and many other fabrics covered upholstered items can start to look tired and dull, with perhaps some spillages and marks on them. Also, it may eventually subject to wear and tear.

All these things spoil your impression when someone visits your place. Sometimes producing an unpleasant odor. Hence, you need professional upholstery cleaning.

Extreme Total Cleaning Services offers professional upholstery cleaning in Mabank Texas and 40-mile radius of Mabank Tx. We understand your upholstered furniture needs good care. Our upholstery cleaning services have been refined over many decades to produce remarkable results which you will be happy with.

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Complete Satisfaction

Most probably every piece of upholstery is different from the other in construction, design and material. Therefore, there is no single way available to clean all types of upholstery and precious antique pieces at your home. We have trained as well as experienced technicians to deliver effective furniture upholstery cleaning. We understand each and every single aspect of cleaning with complete satisfaction, safety and 100% satisfaction.

The cleaners at Extreme Total Cleaning Services also make sure all our processes are safe

We use special products for upholstery cleaning and use special tool that does not allow over spraying or spray to much water onto furniture making dry times 45 minutes or less. Careful attention is taken to remove dirt and soiling that collects in the slot of the fabric, or between the seats. We detect spot or stain on your upholstered furniture and clean them from their roots using our best technology.

Upholstery Cleaning

Why should you replace your upholstery when you can have it looking tip-top once again?

We clean all types of upholstery whether indoor or outdoor furniture upholstery. We can restore any type of upholstery including your couch, microfiber sofa, suede armchair, or leather sofa, using the best upholstery cleaning process that is perfect for your fabric.

With our professional upholstery cleaning, we will never let you down and leave you with your fresh and cleaned home. Preserve and prolong its life by having professional deep upholstery cleaning provide a safe and healthy environment for you, your family and friends.

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